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Dr. Phone Fix: Diagnosing iPad Issues  

People always depend on mobile devices for communication. With the help of the internet, it’s easier to access tools and resources which are not available many years ago. An iPad helps end-users to save files, play exciting games, watch movies, make video calls, and more. It can also synchronize the iPhone with it, so you won’t miss important messages. 

What if it suddenly gets broken? Do you know where to go? 

At Dr. Phone Fix, our certified technicians provide iPad screen repair and iPad battery replacement. 



Most customers are tired of broken promises. They don’t like waiting in line for hours without getting informed on things that must be done. Dr. Phone Fix ensures that every iPad battery replacement and iPad screen repair are completed within a reasonable time. Once our licensed technicians receive the iPad, it can get fixed on the same day. 



Dr. Phone Fix’s products and services are covered by a lifetime warranty. As a company, we are doing this to achieve customer satisfaction and attract more visitors each day. We are encouraging you to visit our repair shop to be aware of the terms and conditions. If you are unsatisfied right after iPad screen repair and iPad battery replacement, bring the device back to us and our techs will take care of it for free! 



Getting a brand new iPad can be financially stressful. That’s why Dr. Phone Fix offers quality repair services at affordable costs to customers. Without any further delay, here’s a list of our services below. 


  • iPad screen repair 
  • iPad battery replacement 
  • Port repair 
  • Free diagnostics 
  • Water damage repair 
  • Camera repair and more.


Walk-in customers will be entertained since Dr. Phone Fix technicians are willing to provide technical assistance to countless people who need help. 


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