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About Dr. Phone Fix - Burlington, Ontario

Best Shop for Mobile and Laptop Repair Services

Dr. Phone Fix Since its inception, Burlington, Ontario, has offered trustworthy, affordable mobile device repair and maintenance services. Our goal has always been to provide the best cell phone and laptop repair services to our consumers. We are dedicated to offering top-quality repair services for all makes and models of mobile phones and computers, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and other smartphones, as well as Macbook, PC, and laptop repair for Dell and HP.

Having Any Kind Of Mobile and PC malfunction? We'll Fix It For You

Dr. Phone Fix is a store dedicated to helping people with mobile device issues. Whether you need a new screen or battery or just some advice on how to get the most out of your phone, we're here for you. We specialize in repairing screens, headphone jacks, charger jacks, mics, speakers, and CPU-related issues. Through our years of experience, we have acquired a deep understanding of how mobile devices and laptops work, and we can quickly identify and diagnose problems. Our highly trained technicians can provide you with the highest quality iPhone Repair in Burlington, Ontario.

Easily accessible and trustworthy

We work hard to provide our clients with services that are as handy and easily accessible as possible because we are proud to be a part of the Burlington, Ontario, community. We are authorized to repair computer and smartphones. We guarantee that you will always receive the ideal answer along with replacements. The better customer service you receive, the easier it will be for you to connect.

Your local trusted, and reasonable mobile repair shop

We feel proud of what we do, and we strive to give our clients the best possible service. In order to ensure that our customers are delighted with their Samsung Phone Repair in Burlington, Ontario, we strive to make the repair procedure as simple and stress-free as possible. We recognize the value of having a functional cell phone at our cellphone repair facility, and we work hard to give our clients the best support possible. We take great pride in the caliber of our work, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients are happy with it.

Where to Sell Old Phones and Laptops Online

It is not a brilliant idea to stop using your outdated mobile phones or computers. In order to make room for a new one, you can sell them for fair amounts. It is appropriate for both you and the person with a tight budget who wants to get the newest mobile features. In this instance, Dr. Phone Fix enables you to generate income from your old laptop and cell phone models at incredibly fair prices. Bring your old smartphones or iPads to take advantage of their promotions at the most incredible price.



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3455 Fairview St #4, Burlington, ON L7N 2R4, Canada

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    The majority of our repairs may be completed in less than 30 minutes.

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    All parts and labour involved with your repair are covered by a limited lifetime warranty!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

User Rating 5 out of 5
  • Melissa Fattal
    a week ago

    My iPhone was not charging so I stopped in to see about a repair. The staff were very kind and friendly. It ended up being a simple fix and the team there new exactly what to do and it took less than 5 minutes. I would highly recommend.

  • David Annis
    in the last week

    As we all know, phones are now critical in our lives. I had an unfortunate accident and my phone port got filled with mud and water. I brought my phone in and Kishan explained what he could do to help me out. I literally just walked in and he cleaned my phone port and had me up and running again in under 2 hours! WOW! Amazing service and very fair price. Highly recommend!!!!1

  • Elizabeth Ruiter
    a month ago

    I'd been putting off a battery replacement for my older iPhone for quite a while expecting it'd be time-consuming and expensive. Soni was super fast, helpful, and very polite! Price was better than expected. Great job!

  • Jon MacDiarmid
    2 months ago

    My S22 battery died and was in a bad spot with work. Called Dr Phone, and they were able to do the repair right away. Had to wait a day or so for a part but got my phone back in less than 48hrs good as new with brand new battery and repaired the cracked camera lens. Kazi was fantastic - very helpful, friendly and professional. Good communication on status, very reasonable prices and some of the best customer service Ive run into in a very long time. TY!

  • Angela Lee
    a month ago

    Kazi repaired my Samsung S22+ after I cracked my screen. He was polite, professional, and provided very fast service. The parts had to be shipped in and I still got my phone back in perfect condition within a couple days. Thank you!!