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Certified Pre-Owned Devices


We Sell Pre-Owned Phones

Dr. Phone Fix offers a wide variety of used and refurbished phones for sale at affordable prices and trusted quality. Our selection includes many brands and models including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.

Our quality control standards for assessing devices are extremely high and we only use certified vendors and OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Therefore, we’ll only sell you a like-new device after it meets or exceeds our quality control threshold.

Refurbished phones are used for customer swaps and are also available to purchase for a reduced price point when compared to buying a brand new device.

We also buy phones that meet our quality standard and will provide our clients unbeatable offers. All devices we sell come standard with a 1 Year warranty and have been put through our rigorous testing to confirm functionality. Come by or give us a call today for more information.


Dr. Phone Fix offers affordable prices and trusted quality. Our selection includes many popular brands such as Mac, HP, Dell, etc. We also buy laptops and desktops that meet our quality standards and will offer our clients unbeatable compensation. Just like the phones we offer, all desktop and laptop devices we carry come standard with a 6 month warranty and have undergone much more rigorous testing than phones as is essential with complex machines with moving parts. Please call or stop by to check availability and pricing.

Now offering AIR MILES® Reward Miles™

Getting rewarded has never been easier with Dr. Phone Fix