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About Dr. Phone Fix - Prince George

Mobile Phone Repair Service

It's quite challenging to find enough time throughout the workweek to get your phone or computer repaired. Dr. Phone Fix Prince George technicians are the best if you need experienced cell phone repairs or computer service. We can fix your phones, computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks at highly affordable prices. Whether your mobile phone has been dropped or is experiencing operating system problems, the experts at Dr. Phone Fix can assist in restoring your phone to 100% with our professional mobile cell phone maintenance services.

Laptops Repair Service

For many of us, laptops serve as our sole working equipment. If you have one that is not working, your business could lose out on precious time and earnings. In Prince George, Dr. Phone Fix provides the highest level of laptop repair services. Let us assist you in getting your laptop operating optimally with our experienced technicians and excellent techniques.

Computer Repair Service

For some businesses, desktops are among the most expensive items for accomplishing several routine tasks. Your business may suffer once they are restored, though, if yours are performing at a different peak. If you require desktop repair services in Prince George, work with the experts at Dr. Phone Fix. We'll rectify your PCs and restore their functionality to its maximum.

iPhone Repair Service

As one of the most essential pieces of technology in our daily lives, iPhones are among the most important things to get fixed by Dr. Phone Fix. Our team of tech experts is well-versed in managing any problems that may arise with your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone device.

Due to the iPhone's integrated motherboard, not all repair shops can handle this particular repair. However, our skilled technicians are well-versed in how to fix a wide range of different issues with iPhones, such as front LCD/screen replacement services, water damage diagnostic, battery replacement, charging port repair, camera repair, speaker repair, microphone repair, headphone repair, network issues, power button problem, software issues, etc.

iPad Repair Service

When using an iPad, you could experience problems with the screen, the LCD or screen, the Power button, the Volume button, the Home button, the charger connector, the battery, etc. Although we are sure that the repairs we do will be of high quality, we do provide a guarantee with each repair in case you do discover a problem.

Find high-quality yet reasonably priced mobile, laptop, and desktop device fixing facilities from Prince George's premier laptop and mobile repairing store. Have our highly qualified, trained, and certified technicians examine and repair your equipment and make them reusable in a very short instant of time.

We take satisfaction in being Prince George's top cell phone and PC repair specialists. For more information or to arrange your mobile device repair services right now, get in touch with Dr. Phone Fix at +1 236-423-0967.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

User Rating 4.8 out of 5
  • Edmund Gladwin
    2 months ago

    My Note20Ultra screen was damaged. The Proprietor/Tech gave a fair estimate, ordered it and it came in 4days. He swapped screens in a short time ,then went through a series of checks to ensure it was perfect. I'm expecting it to be back to the best phone I've had. I didn't ask about Warranty, but I see you advertise 'lifetime' for parts and labour, so I hope that's honored if necessary. I'd recommend Dr. Phone Fix in Prince George to others.

  • Ash Grim
    2 months ago

    I came in to get my laptop screen repaired. They did a great job considering how broken it was but it did take about two weeks longer than promised. This was during the holidays and new years so keep that in mind. Regularly it seems they are quite fast. Regardless good work and relativley cheap, I would come back again.

  • Jenna Bernardo
    2 months ago

    The screen on my phone completely broke and wouldn't turn on, brought it here and Gurwinder had it completely replaced for me a couple hours later. Fantastic service!