Everything You Should Know About the Latest iOS Update

From unlocking your iPhone with a face mask on to having more control in terms of app tracking, here’s everything you should know about the iOS 14.5 . The 3rd of May 2021 saw Apple iPhone users scrambling to update their iOS versions to the tech giant’s newest...

iOS 14.5

Play It Safe: Top 5 Family-Friendly Apps for Kids

Thanks to COVID-19, kids are spending a lot more time on their devices. Whether it’s a MacBook Air for school, the iPad for music lessons, or just an iPhone 8 for regular screen time, kids are in front of screens more than ever before. Let’s use that time wisely!...

Productivity in 2021: Apps that work on Mobile and PC

Luckily, in this blog, we will cover what we consider to be some of the best workplace productivity apps out there! We’ll discuss the benefits of each app so you can quickly and efficiently decide which app(s) will assist you the most.

How To Factory Reset Your Phone To Sell

The smartphone market is dynamic, the older the phone, the lesser its value becomes. Newer models are released more frequently and if you’re planning to upgrade it's always a good idea to consider selling your old or unused mobile devices to get some extra money...


How to factory reset your phone to sell

Whether you’re planning to upgrade to the latest iPhone 12 Pro or need extra cash for a new Samsung Galaxy S model, before you trade, sell, or give away your old smartphone, you might want to secure your personal information and data first and wipe it off your old handset through factory reset.

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