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Sep 2023 21

Don't Delay: 5 Signs You Should Replace Your Phone Battery

Table of Contents:  Having unexpected shutdown  The phone is not running unless plugged into the charger Battery drains quickly even after being fully charged The battery tends to come...

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Sep 2023 14

No More Silent iPhone: Understanding and Fixing Ringing Issues

Table of Content: Check Your Silent Mode Switch Volume Settings Check for Do Not Disturb Software Update Restart or Force Restart Check Audio Settings for Specific Contacts What Should You Do...

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Sep 2023 13

Top 5 Computer Repair Companies in Alberta: Get Your PC Fixed Today!

Table of Contents Dr. Phone Fix – Lethbridge Dr. Phone Fix – West Edmonton  Dr. Phone Fix – Medicine Hat Dr. Phone Fix – Sherwood Park Dr. Phone Fix - Nw Calgary&nb...

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Sep 2023 12

Don't Panic: Immediate Steps After Water Spills on Your Laptop

Table of Content: Power Off Immediately Unplug All External Devices Remove the Battery Flip It Upside Down Open It Up (If You're Comfortable) Dab, Don't Rub Remove Components Allow to Dry P...

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Sep 2023 08

LG Gram 2023 Review: The Best Lightweight Laptop for Work and Play.

Table of contents:  A quick glance at the upsides and downsides of LG Gram Introduction Key Specification LG Gram Line 2023: Reviews by Expert What did our experts like the most? What our...

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Aug 2023 25

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing a Short Circuit Laptop

Table of Contents  Steps to Fix a Short Circuit Issue Safety First Gather the Tools Disassembly Visual Inspection Disconnect the Battery Use a Multimeter Isolate the Problem Area Rep...

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Aug 2023 24

The Google Pixel Fold Is the Future of Smartphones, and Canada Needs It Now

Table of Contents External Display Internal Display The Brains Behind the Beauty Ample Memory and Storage Battery Performance Effortless Hands-Free Experience Your Go-To Solution for Device I...

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Aug 2023 21

The Alienware m15 R7: The Gaming Laptop That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Table of Contents Harnessing Unprecedented Power Visual Marvel Immersive Gameplay Uncompromised Performance Elevated Gaming Experience Connectivity for Modern Gaming Personalized Performance ...

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Aug 2023 18

Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering and How Do I Fix It?

Table of Contents Introduction  5 Ways to Fix Your Flickering Phone’s Screen Restart your phone Do a Hard Reset Disable Adaptive Brightness (Auto-Brightness) Check for Latest Upda...

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Aug 2023 16

The 5 Best Computer Repair Shops in BC: Get Your PC Fixed Today!

Table of Contents:  A General Overview of Computer Repair Companies and Their Importance List of top five Computer Repair Companies in British Columbia Dr. Phone Fix, Kamloops Dr. Pho...

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