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Oct 2023 26

IOS 17: Latest Updates, Common Bugs, and Fast & Safe Fixes

Excitement has been seen among iPhone users; after all, the new iOS 17 brings many exciting features, whether it is related to Messages, FaceTime, and Phone, providing users with a seamless communicat...

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Oct 2023 26

iPhone 15 Pro Performance Under iOS 17.0.3: What to Expect

Apple's iPhone has consistently set the standard for performance in the smartphone industry. With each new iteration, Apple pushes the boundaries of what a mobile device can do. The iPhone 15 Pro, run...

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Oct 2023 25

Revive Apple Watch 9: Trendy Fixes for Stuck Logo

The Apple Watch 9 is a marvellous piece of technology that seamlessly integrates into our lives, offering a myriad of features designed to enhance our daily routines. However, in the world of technolo...

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Oct 2023 09

Optimizing iPhone 15 Battery Life: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Table of Contents Enable lower power mode in your iPhone 15 Turn on the optimized battery charge  Turn off the background app refresh< Make changes in display settings Turn off cellular...

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Sep 2023 29

5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Is Getting So Hot (And How to Fix It)

Table of Contents:  Five reasons why your iPhone gets hot How to fix your iPhone if it gets hot? Key Takeaways If you’re an iPhone user, you might have understood the pain of its ov...

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Sep 2023 28

Upgrade on a Budget: Top Reasons to Buy a Pre-owned Smartphone

Table of Contents:  Significant Cost Savings High-Quality Devices Reduced Depreciation Variety of Options No Contract Commitments Avoiding Bloatware Customization Opportunitie Stabl...

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Sep 2023 22

Unresponsive MacBook Pro? Learn How to Recover Your Data

Table of Contents:  Recover Data on Legacy MacBook and MacBook Pro Models Data Recovery Strategies for MacBook Pro with Retina Displays Data Recovery for MacBook Pro without Touch Bar (...

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Sep 2023 21

Don't Delay: 5 Signs You Should Replace Your Phone Battery

Table of Contents:  Having unexpected shutdown  The phone is not running unless plugged into the charger Battery drains quickly even after being fully charged The battery tends to come...

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Sep 2023 14

No More Silent iPhone: Understanding and Fixing Ringing Issues

Table of Content: Check Your Silent Mode Switch Volume Settings Check for Do Not Disturb Software Update Restart or Force Restart Check Audio Settings for Specific Contacts What Should You Do...

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Sep 2023 13

Top 5 Computer Repair Companies in Alberta: Get Your PC Fixed Today!

Table of Contents Dr. Phone Fix – Lethbridge Dr. Phone Fix – West Edmonton  Dr. Phone Fix – Medicine Hat Dr. Phone Fix – Sherwood Park Dr. Phone Fix - Nw Calgary&nb...

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