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About Dr. Phone Fix - Deerfoot City , Calgary

Smartphones and laptops have become the basic needs of today's lifestyle. From watching time to attending a meeting or managing your routine tasks, these outstanding electronic devices play a vital role in your daily activities. But what if your favorite iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Or Macbook comes across an accident and gets damaged? Don't worry; we have solutions for all your Apple and Samsung device issues. We are nearby and guarantee prompt and timely answers to cell phone, laptop, and PC problems.

How iPhone, Mobile, and Laptop Repair Deerfoot City Service Works

Now your Computer Repair in Deerfoot City, Calgary. Follow some easy steps, and our technical team will collect your faulty gadget. Set an appointment with a professional and let us know what you need to be serviced. To keep your gadgets operational at all times, our specialist will come to pick them up and give a stand-by one. We'll make your device as good as new after repair, and the engineer will deliver it. The devices for which we offer our high-quality services include:

  • Apple products like iPhones, iPods, Macbooks etc. 
  • Mobiles of various brands like iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Google etc. 
  • HP, Dell, and Sony Laptops and PCs. 
Services You Get at Our Laptop Repair Deerfoot City

We feel proud to offer our clients numerous solutions for their lovely mobile phones and PC issues. Your satisfaction is our mission. Our services aim to repair the defective parts of your beautiful iPhone & Samsung Phone Repair, Mac, or any other mobile handset and laptop so they can restore their aesthetics and function properly. You can visit us for possible defects on your various brand devices. 

  • Screen, camera, battery, speaker, Mike, headphones jack, etc. repair and replacement for iPhones and other Smartphones
  • Fixing CPU-related issues on your computer, 
  • Screen restoration of your Macbook and laptop.
  • Fixing Battery and screen-related issues of your laptop.

Selling your old devices like your current Apple phone or laptop if you are bored with them and want a reasonable amount. We will help you do so and get a fair price. 

Why Choose Dr. Phone Fix in Alberta

With the help of our specially skilled and experienced team of expert techies, we work with you to get your equipment functioning smoothly and finely as new as possible, regardless of how significant or minor the difficulties are. We will fix everything on your gadget and restore it to its original state.

  • Before sending your device for repair, we will perform a free diagnostic check.
  • We use the highest-quality, most reliable, genuine OEM parts for every repair.
  • Your devices will be taken care of by top-tier professionals in cutting-edge facilities.
  • Break Fix solutions for your devices with the quickest response.
  • Manufacturers Guarantee replaced parts on your particular device. 
Stay Tuned With The Best iPhone, Cellphone & PC Laptop Repair Service.

Hurry up! If your expensive Phone Or laptop is facing some electronic malfunction, feel free to contact our Android Cell Phone Repair Services in Deerfoot City. Simply dial (403) 452-0593 and ask our technician which assistance you need for your Apple phone, laptop, or any other smartphone. They will suggest you the best and serve you. Call us now and make your phone as new as you bought. 


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    Save time and money by diagnosing what's wrong with your smartphone for free.

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    Get the best deal on your repair! We provide the best-in-industry prices.

  • Quick Turnaround

    The majority of our repairs may be completed in less than 30 minutes.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    All parts and labour involved with your repair are covered by a limited lifetime warranty!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

User Rating 4.9 out of 5
  • Paul Brunt
    a month ago

    I was very impressed with the service at Dr. Phone Fix Deerfoot City. My Samsung Note 9 needed a new battery. I phoned and they had my battery in stock (I was surprised as the Note 9 is getting a bit old!). The friendly lady on the phone let me know I could come in right away and it would take about 30 minutes. I ended up making an appointment online for the next day (not necessary but I wanted to try to appointment system) and it was the same woman working when I arrived. She was friendly and efficient and professional. She changed my battery in 30 minutes just as she had told me would and my phone is as good as new! The price was great and as quoted. I would recommend this place to anyone and would definitely go back myself. No need to get a new phone if you maintain the one you have! If anything else goes wrong with my phone I will 100% return to this shop for repairs. Great service, good prices, professional work. ✅

  • Andrew Lipinski
    2 weeks ago

    Phoned and talked with a pleasant girl Harvi about battery issue. She was great and explained cost and directions to business. Easy to get to location to get in and out of. They fixed phone and had to solder a connection and still just charged the original quoted price. Great service!

  • Nandit Sharma
    a week ago

    I would highly recommend Dr. Phone Fix. The service was extremely fast with genuine prize. The staff here is quite professional and respectful. They helped me by retrieving data from a dead phone which saved my lot of time. Much appreciated!