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Don't Delay: 5 Signs You Should Replace Your Phone Battery

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Don't Delay: 5 Signs You Should Replace Your Phone Battery

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Everyone's life has to be ended, including phone batteries. Saying this means nobody lasts forever. Although phone batteries nowadays are manufactured with high quality and capacity in mind, they gradually lose their lifespan over the period of use. This will eventually cause the phone to discharge more quickly than usual.

In essence, the more hours you continuously use your smartphone, the more the battery will degrade, and unfortunately, it will need to be replaced. In such a case, you’ ll need to visit a cell phone repair

Lag signs can also result from some other factors, but old batteries or ones with reduced cycle count will take away all the working capabilities of your phone. To safeguard your phone usage experience from being ruined, detect the initial hints or symptoms your phone has given.

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 5 Signs that you will help you know when to change your phone’s battery

Having Unexpected Shutdown 

The simplest and easiest way to know if the battery is about to drain is your phone shutting down unexpectedly. Or, your phone denies turning on. If you notice that even after so many attempts, your device is not responding, and the screen remains dark, this is a notable hint that the battery could be the culprit.

Still getting power or notification prompts, or found the screen is still dark! However, in that case, the actual problem may be related to the display rather than the battery.

Tip: Instead of rushing to a mobile repair shop, you are advised to try to solve the problem yourself by testing with a different charger. Doing this will help you know if the battery is at fault or not!

The phone is not running unless plugged into the charger

Are you sure your phone screen isn't damaged? If yes, then move to the next step. All you need to do is plug your charger into your smartphone and observe for 4 to 5 minutes. If your device comes back to its working state, i.e., becomes responsive again, this is a positive sign.

Afterward, remove the device from the charger and wait to see if the phone turns off immediately. If so, then it is a sign that your battery is drained. However, smartphones typically last 2 to 3 years with 500 to 600 charging cycles. After a year or more, the battery is likely to fail. 

Tip: You can either buy a new device or get a reliable battery replacement service from Dr. Phone Fix.

Battery drains quickly even after being fully charged

An advanced smartphone is designed to work for about 8 to 12 hours. However, this period may vary from user to user, depending on many different elements. If you use battery-consuming apps most of the time, forget to clear off background apps after use, or use your device frequently, this can limit you to three to four hours.

But if the scenarios are different, such as the battery life drains very quickly in about two hours or less, or your phone suddenly turns off even after it is fully charged, then it's time to consider replacing the battery.

The battery tends to come upwards

This is obvious and the most common indication that the phone battery is going to end. If you have noticed that the screen of your mobile has started to separate from the outline of the device, then this is definitely one of the reasons for a bulging battery. The reason behind this is the overcharging of the phone. 

Safety tip: Like any other device that can overheat, swallowing a battery poses a potential risk. In that case, consider replacing the battery before it becomes dangerous.

Phone feels overheated

It is a worthy fact that playing heavy games like PUBG causes the phone to heat up. Additionally, using the phone in direct sunlight or having too many apps running in the background may cause the phone to feel hot to the touch. But, if your phone feels overheated or constantly warms despite less usage than usual, it could be a sign of a failing battery.

However, on average, the regular temperature range for a device's battery is between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding this level may negatively impact the phone's performance and overall battery life. For this reason, battery replacement should be addressed immediately. Additionally, if your device gets even hotter while charging, it could be a sign of a faulty battery.

Tip: iPhone users likely won't experience poor performance with reduced battery life, but they could suffer massive losses when it comes time to sell their old device. Therefore, get your battery replacement done with Phone Repair Technicians in Vaughan.


You can expect the battery of a brand-new phone to remain at its optimal level for about 2 to 3 years (not in the case of the iPhone). However, once the recommended period passes, battery problems become usual. In such a case, the warranty that can be claimed comes in handy to mitigate the expensive cost of battery replacement; if not, you can get a new battery or simply replace the phone.

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