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Should You Repair or Replace your Old Laptop in 2023?

May 11, 2023
Should You Repair or Replace your Old Laptop in 2023?

The decision of repairing your laptop vs replacing it with a new one can make anyone feel stuck in the scenario. Laptops are an integral part of everyone's life, whether for work, playing games, data backup, and what not. In case of any hardware issue in the laptop, most people have to decide between repair and replacement. Well, all this comes down to three key factors – Laptop Repair Red Deer cost, performance and functionality, and retrieving existing data. To help you understand more in-depth, we will talk about some additional points. Let's begin:

Cost of Repair

Getting your laptop repaired from the OEM’s authorized service shop is somewhat costly and not readily available in every region. Repairing costs depend upon the complexity of repair, the faulty part, and the cost of diagnosis. Laptop Repair Shop usually charges for diagnosis, but they remove this cost if you consider repairing the laptop. In most cases, repair shops make money through the commission on the parts they replaced, and the hours spent. In most cases, an OEM service center costs more than repairing the part through a third-party repair shop. In the case of a laptop, replacing the display, keyboard, or battery cost a small amount. But, if have a laptop that has a broken display and motherboard issues, buying a new laptop is the better option. 

Age of Laptop and Performance 

Technology is moving at a great pace and there is plenty of performance improvement and efficiency factors. People using laptops five years old or more should consider getting a new laptop in most cases. However, if you bought a laptop with a flagship CPU, and GPU, then the same laptop is worth getting the repair. Also, all this depends upon your usage. People who play AAA titles on their laptops, do video editing, or use 3D rendering programs can consider buying the latest models. With the newer devices, they can get improved performance in their workflow, less rendering time, and a better overall value. 

So, you may think, what to do with the old laptop?

There are a few options. You can get the laptop repaired if it costs a small amount (like $100 to $200 for a $1500 laptop). You can use the old laptop for a hosting server, create NAS, or sell it for extra bucks. There is no denying that an affordable repair can make your device valuable more, and it is also easy to sell. 

Data from Old Laptop

If you don't have any backup of old laptop data and it is also encrypted, then you might have a hard time getting access even if you try the old storage drive on a new laptop. These types of issues are the primary reasons that most people opt for repair. Personal laptops that contain years of memory, data from school/college, or licensed data, you can consider the repair. Most people avoid getting the repair done at the present moment and think about getting it done later whenever they have some extra cash. However, repairs keep getting expensive as the laptop ages because the parts are hard to attain, and it can also take a lot more time or couldn't be even repaired. In this situation, you might want to consider the Laptop Repair Red Deer

 Additional Factors

The laptop Repair Stores in the US and Canada charge based on the cost of parts and time spent on the job. Additional factors like complexity can increase the cost. Here are a few things that can help you decide whether to repair or buy a new laptop:

  • Cost of repairing the laptop as compared to buying a new laptop with similar or better specifications. If the cost of repair exceeds more than seventy percent amount of buying a new device, then it is better to buy a new one. 
  • Repairing the motherboard of a laptop is also possible, but in case of major damage to the motherboard, then it can increase the cost. Motherboard repairs work perfectly fine, but there are still chances of facing issues in the future regarding the same part.
  •   Environment impact is not particularly a new term, but it is worth considering. Repairing helps in reducing e-waste and shows the mindfulness toward environment. 

Once you are done considering all these things, you can finalize whether to repair or replace them. 

Note From the Writer:

I bought an Apple Macbook Air 2017 at the launch time. However, after three years, I had issues with the motherboard due to condensation. Replacing the part from Apple's authorised centre is estimated to be almost equivalent to buying a new Macbook. However, a third-party repair shop replaced the motherboard for one-third of the price, and my laptop has been working great all these years. So, repairs can help in all these scenarios and save you extra money to spend somewhere else.


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