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5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Is Getting So Hot (And How to Fix It)

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5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Is Getting So Hot (And How to Fix It)

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If you’re an iPhone user, you might have understood the pain of its overheating, similar to a hot barbecue. Overheating not only makes the iPhone difficult to touch, but it may also act strangely, fail to charge, run slower than before, the display may go black, and the camera may not be ready to turn on. 

A brief answer: Most probably, those iPhones give off more temperature that have a drained battery, are used in extremely hot outside temperatures, and are placed in certain kinds of phone cases (silicone, as per my experience), gets direct exposure to the sun and used for long periods of time.

While it's normal for an iPhone to overheat occasionally, too often heating can cause internal problems, damaging the processor and battery. If your iPhone is releasing more heat than usual, the reason could be many. Fortunately, you can fix them all with troubleshooting tips. Here they are: 

Tip: Install an iOS security app to help normalize temperatures and keep your device safe. And if your device demands professional assistance, contact a trusted iPhone repair specialist

5 reasons why your iPhone gets hot

Battery gets swollen or damaged

Reviews from iPhone users show that prolonged use causes it to overheat, while the battery may be damaged or discharged. By limiting screen viewing time, you can prevent battery efficiency from quickly diminishing. In short, a damaged or swollen battery can be a significant cause of overheating.

Tip: Get the battery altered or serviced at a well-qualified Mobile Repair Shop in Red Deer like Dr. Phone Fix.

Using for lengthy hours

No matter how powerful a processor an iPhone has, using it for long periods of time to use intensive apps, stream live videos, run high-end games, and record live shows leads to overheating. 

iPhone is on software update

There's a lot going on during and later installing the latest iPhone software update. Some things like photo cataloging on an iPhone can draw so much processing power, resulting in overheating for short periods of time. However, your device will return to normal temperature within minutes.

Issues with the charger or while charging

Another reason your iPhone gets hot is if you use it while it's charging or using a non-branded charger and cables that aren't designed to provide the appropriate amount of power required. 


Did you know? Wireless charging produces more heat than using a wired charger

The outside temperature is too hot or cold

Not only extreme hot temperatures but also excessive chilly temperatures can cause an iPhone to get hot. Experts at Apple advise users to limit the use of the iPhone when the outside temperature is between 32 degrees to 95 degrees F. Additionally, if your phone is in a vehicle during a particularly hot summer, the interior of the car can increase this temperature, affecting your iPhone's performance.&nbsp

How to fix your iPhone if it gets hot?

Restart your device

By doing this, you can be successful in eliminating the process that already causes the phone to overheat. Once it is done, check to see if it makes a difference or not.

Turn off all apps

Apps running in the background on iPhone can drain the power stored in your battery, causing the processor to overrun. This may result in your device feeling hot. By closing all unused apps, your phone will stop trying on anything that is not in use for that period.

Knob for low-power mode

Activating low power mode eliminates battery drain, preserving battery life. To do so, open settings, go to the battery, and click on Lower Power model. 

Remove your iPhone case

Using a case made from silicon and plastic restricts airflow. If you use any of these, it may interfere with this heat indulgence. In this scenario, remove the case immediately to cool your device.

Tip: To remove heat quickly, place your iPhone in a cool place.

Update applications

Running outdated apps might be another reason for overheating. It is good to keep your iPhone apps updated to enjoy the latest version all the time. To do this, open the App Store on your device, look for available updates, and then tap Update All.

Keep your phone in cool locations

Direct exposure of the iPhone to the sun is a red flag, especially if it is kept in a car. If your device gets hot in the car, turn on the AC, roll down the windows, or immediately move it into the shade to prevent heat from increasing. Also, avoid placing your iPhone under the pillow when you fall asleep, as this will prevent heat from escaping.

Get your device repaired

Failing to try all the above tips! The last and wisest decision would be to take your device to a Cell Phone Repair Center in Vaughan. There may be a hardware-related issue that needs to be fixed by an Apple expert like Dr. Phone Fix.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can stop the iPhone overheating by closing unused apps, restarting your device, and taking it away from the charging.
  • Shift your device in a shady area if previously placed in hot conditions or direct sunlight.
  • Update software, turn on low power mode, and restrict your processor-intensive tasks to prevent the device from overheating.

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