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Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering and How Do I Fix It?

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Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering and  How Do I Fix It?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. 5 Ways to Fix Your Flickering Phone’s Screen
    1. Restart your phone
    2. Do a Hard Reset
    3. Disable Adaptive Brightness (Auto-Brightness)
    4. Check for Latest Updates
    5. Take it to a Professional
  3. The Ending Word! 


In this world of technology, where phones help us connect to the universe, a sudden flicker in the phone's screen can feel like a tiny glitch in an otherwise perfect symphony. Whether you are watching a thrilling movie or writing a heartfelt message, this erratic dance of light can be a real buzzkill, but don't worry; this blog is your one-stop shop to unravel the mystery of screen flickering and equip you with the knowledge to banish it forever. If your phone’s screen is flickering a lot, you can reach out to a phone repair shop to fix flickering screen

5 Ways to Fix Your Flickering Phone’s Screen

Restart your phone 

Restarting your mobile phone to ensure it's not a permanent problem will be the most important thing you can do if you attempt to fix an error on your telephone screen. Restarting will kill all active third-party background services and processes that could cause the display problem. If any of the memory components on your phone crashed while you were working, restarting will refresh them. 

Fun Fact: Do you know that a restart of the phone is used to resolve screen flickering faster, but it's also capable of acting as a "reset" button? 

Do a Hard Reset 

The simplest method you can perform to fix the problem is restarting, and it's one of the best ways to solve a lot of problems. You can reset your Android phone with the following steps:

  • Open Settings → System → Advanced. To search for reset options, click on this option. 
  • Factory reset all data by clicking on reset option. 
  • Select Reset phone. If you are using one, enter your PIN. 
  • Now, you can erase everything by tapping the Erase button. 

The following steps should be used by users of Apple devices operating on the iOS Platform:

  • Go to Settings → General → Reset or Transfer iPhone.
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Your phone will take a few minutes to reset, depending on how much data it comprises. If you can’t find the reset option in your phone, then visit a cell phone repair shop and ask a professional for help. 

Disable Adaptive Brightness (Auto-Brightness)

The AutoAdaptive Brightness function, based on light sensor data, constantly alters the screen's brightness. However, unexpected difficulties such as flickering of the display may occur due to a software update or hardware defect. To this end, it is possible to delete the option from the Settings menu. You can use this feature on Android and iOS by going to Settings Display Adaptive Brightness and Settings Display & Brightness. In addition, when your phone fails to adapt to new lighting conditions, it's possible to reset the Adaptive brightness setting on Android. This can be useful if you have problems adjusting to a new lighting condition. 

If you want to reset your phone's brightness: 

  • Go to Settings option and check your phone's settings. 
  • You can tap the Applications & Notifications or Apps. 
  • Choose a device health service app by searching for and selecting it.
  • Use Manage Storage to clear all data, then confirm by tapping OK.

Fun Fact: Resetting the brightness of your phone can be like giving it a refreshing spa day!

Check for Latest Updates

A clumsy build of the software may be to blame for your display problem. In most cases, this issue is remedied by a straightforward software update, and you should check if your device has any updates available. 

Go to Settings in System > System Update for your version of software on Android. 

Go to Settings, Software Updates, in the General tab on your Apple device. 

In order to find a short solution, you might also consider contacting the manufacturer and asking for updates or searching forums.

Fun Fact: Seeking out software updates for your phone is like giving it a digital makeover!  

Take it to a Professional 

In some cases, hardware failures may cause your phone screen to malfunction and costs can be substantial for repairs or replacements. Therefore, it is important to try each of those tricks right away. It is recommended, however, that you contact your device manufacturer and have the phone screen checked by a professional. You'll run into a bigger problem if these techniques don't work. If you have these situations, sending your phone for repair to a Phone Repair Shop in St.Albert or replacement is the only option.

The Ending Words! 

The flickering of a phone screen in the modern age is undoubtedly an obstacle to our digital lives. However, armed with knowledge and solutions, you now possess the tools to combat this annoying issue. Still, if you cannot fix the problem, get it fixed from a Mobile Repair Shop in West Edmonton.

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